ZSI 475

The penile implant is a prosthesis to treat erectile dysfunction due to limited blood flow to the penis or damaged nerves.

Mimics natural erection
thanks to a 3-component inflatable system


The two inflatable cylinders are implanted in the corpora cavernosa of the penis.


The manual pump inflates and deflates the cylinders. It is implanted in the scrotum.


The reservoir is implanted in the pelvis and filled with saline solution. The reservoir stores enough saline solution to inflate and deflate the inflatable cylinders.

All-in-one box
with all single use instruments!

All standard penile implant lengths and accessories are available in one box.
For corpora cavernosa from 12 cm to 24 cm and more with extenders.

*Special kit for large penis with corpora cavernosa from 21 cm to 25 cm.
ZSI 475-22 is available in a separated box.

Well thought out to avoid logistics issues

Hydrophilic PVP coating for better antibiotic absorption
and to fight against infection
No tool needed
Totally sealed and safe assembly
of the pump and the cylinder

One of the stiffest penile implant
on the market

The ZSI 475 Implant composition ensures optimum penile stiffness.
The erection resists a pressure over 500g, which is the minimum pressure to penetrate a vagina.

The precision of the thickness of these 3 layers assembled in this precise order will :

- Allows good elasticity when inflate,
- Significantly increases resistance to pressure,
- Limits the risk of silicone hernia under strong pressure.


The cylinders of the penile implant are inserted within the corpora cavernosa residing on either side of the penis. No tissue is removed to insert the cylinders. They are place where previously blood would flood and cause the penis to be erect.

The penile implant does not affect the patient capacity to urinate, to ejaculate or neither the natural sensitivity of the penis nor the glans.

Easy to use!


The cylinders are empty.
The penis is flaccid.


Press and release the pump to inflate the cylinders.


The desired erection has been achieved.


Press and hold the valve, located at the top of the pump, to deflate the cylinders.

Travel stress-free!

Your ZSI implant cannot be detected by airport scanners.

The ZSI implant is also safe in medical scanner.