A family-run company, ZSI's aim is to provide
precise and effective solutions to everyone's medical problems.



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Zephyr Surgical Implants, know as ZSI, is a Geneva-based Swiss manufacturer of innovative medical devices for urology, andrology and gynaecology. The company is renowned throughout the world for its Swiss know-how, its constant innovations and the high quality of its products.

experience with
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In 2007, Dr. Christophe Llorens, an expert urological surgeon with over 25 years' experience in urology and andrology, created the ZSI company.

By teaming up with a passionate engineer, he was able to develop the brand's first device: a brand-new artificial urinary sphincter, the ZSI 375 PF, that finally met his expectations: ease of implantation and logistics, reduced risk of infection and improved performance.

His brother Raphael Llorens, present from the very start of ZSI, is responsible for developing the sales strategy and the ZSI network worldwide.

A company highly commited to Swiss medical innovation

ZSI designs and manufactures the components of its devices in-house. The company assembles and tests its devices in Switzerland thanks to the know-how and commitment of its employees, all of whom are at the cutting edge of technology.



ZSI is revolutionising medicine industry every day. Since its inception, the company has been responsible for a number of major innovations, including:

  • The first and only pre-connected and pre-filled artificial urinary sphincter developed in 2009.
  • The first soft penile implant specially adapted to spinal cord injury with severe and/or irreversible erectile dysfunction and tissue trophicity disorders.
  • Devices specially designed for reconstructive surgery since 2015.

The brand has filed over 3 major patents since its foundation.

More than
15 years-old story

Swiss made proof of quality on an
international scale

ZSI is an international brand which has established itself in more than seventy countries around the world via 8 subsidiaries (Germany, France, Italy, Portugal, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Canada, India) and a vast network of distributors (50 actives), all of whom guarantee the quality and performance of ZSI devices.

The company ensures the production, distribution, sale of its devices in accordance with its strict quality requirements.


ZSI devices are designed by a urologist surgeon with more than 25 years of experience in urology-andrology.

ZSI is the first and only European manufacturer of Artificial Urinary Sphincter.

ZSI is the only company offering a pre-connected, pre-filled artificial urinary sphincter with adjustable pressure and an adjustable cuff to each patient.

ZSI is the first company offering a soft penile implant specially adapted to spinal cord injury with severe and/or irreversible erectile dysfunction and tissue trophicity disorders.

ZSI is the world leader in implantable penile prostheses specially designed for transgender patients.

ZSI is the medical device company most committed to the transgender community.

ZSI devices are Swiss medical devices.


Our mission

Our vision

Our value

In the course of a lifetime, urological, andrological, gynaecological and identity disorders can arise. The intimate nature of these conditions can make life less easy, more uncomfortable and even have major psychological and psychological consequences for the individual.
The well-being of all and the resolution of these vital problems are the reasons for ZSI's existence.

Every day, Zephyr Surgical Implants strives to develop silent, discreet and unobtrusive solutions to improve the state and living conditions of all those who suffer or are affected by them.

Zephyr Surgical Implants is one of the leaders in the niche market for implantable medial devices in the urological field, offering the most innovative and high-quality solutions. Based in Geneva, Switzerland, ZSI continues to invest in Swiss innovation through the quality of its products, their high performance and their cutting-edge designs. For the future, ZSI wants to continue to be the solution most chosen by surgeons and by female or male patients who are looking to feel better about their human and sexual dignity and considerably improve their quality of life. It also wants its solutions to be increasingly adapted to the problems of each individual.

"Our future prospects are taking shape by providing more precise and effective solutions to everyone's problems"
Raphael Gomez-Llorens,
ZSI Co-founder

"At ZSI, listening and respect are our motto. We reserve an important place for innovation and the adaptation of our devices, which are at the heart of our expertise. The quality and performance of our products are our priorities."

Dr Christophe Llorens,
Urology and andrology surgeon
ZSI co-founder