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Unveiling a Medical Breakthrough in Buenos Aires

ZSI's team

Today, I am very happy to share the exciting news of a successful implantation of the ZSI 375 PF artificial urinary sphincter in the province of Buenos Aires. The procedure was expertly performed by Dr. Matias Caradonti at the Hospital San Antonio de Padua in the city of Navarro. Over the years, I have had many opportunities to meet and collaborate with Dr. Caradonti, and his enthusiasm and charisma continue to inspire us.


A heartfelt thank you goes out to Dr. Matias Caradonti for his dedication and exceptional skill in this implantation. His commitment to advancing urological health is truly commendable. We also extend our gratitude to the entire medical team at Hospital San Antonio de Padua for their excellent work and collaboration.

Special Thanks to Our Distributor

We are deeply appreciative of Marcelo F. Dawyd for his relentless efforts in providing outstanding service and support for the ZSI product line to doctors in Argentina. Additionally, we congratulate our valued distributor, Barraca Acher Argentina SRL, for their crucial role in facilitating this successful implantation.

Commitment to Urological Health

At Zephyr Surgical Implants, we are dedicated to improving urological health across Latin America. The successful implantation of our ZSI 375 PF artificial urinary sphincter in Argentina exemplifies our commitment to providing top-quality medical devices that enhance patient care and outcomes.

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