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First Implantation of ZSI375PF Artificial Urinary Sphincter in Uruguay

ZSI's team

We are delighted to announce the first implantation of the ZSI 375PF artificial urinary sphincter in Uruguay.

This surgery marks an exciting new beginning with our new distributor, Neomed SAS.

The intervention was successfully performed at Hospital COMEPA, Cooperativa Médica de Paysandú, Uruguay.‍Thanks to the Healthcare ProfessionalsWe would like to express our gratitude to Dr. José Pedro Etcheverría, Dr. Guillermo Martínez and Dr. Diego Muyurusa for their professionalism and dedication during this pioneering surgery.

Their expertise and commitment were fundamental to the success of the procedure.‍

Congratulations to the Neomed SAS TeamWe would like to congratulate the Neomed SAS team, composed of Santiago Cassou, Miguel Pantazoglu and Daniel Benedetto, for their excellent work and collaboration.

Their effort and dedication are helping to improve the quality of life of many patients in Latin America.‍

Commitment to Innovation in UrologyAt Zephyr Surgical Implants, we are committed to innovation and the improvement of urological health in Latin America. The implantation of the ZSI 375PF in Uruguay is a significant step in our mission to offer advanced and high quality medical solutions to patients suffering from urinary incontinence.‍

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