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Pioneering Urological Solutions: Successful ZSI 100 Implantation in Argentina

ZSI's Team

At Zephyr Surgical Implants, we are committed to advancing urology and improving patient care through our innovative medical devices. Yesterday, at Clínica Modelo de Lanus, Drs. Jorge Labrador and José Daniel Colangiuli successfully implanted the ZSI 100 malleable penile prosthesis in a 78-year-old patient.

About the ZSI 100 Malleable Penile Prosthesis

The ZSI 100, crafted from silicone elastomer with a silver core, provides nearly natural malleability for patients. This high-tech design ensures optimal functionality and comfort, making it a preferred choice for both doctors and patients.

Trusted Partnership in Argentina

We are proud to have Marcelo F. Dawyd as our representative in Argentina through his distribution company, ACHER. With years of experience and a proven track record, Marcelo's expertise in handling our medical devices is invaluable. His commitment and professionalism ensure that our products are delivered with the highest standards of care.

Commitment to Excellence in Urology and Patient Care

This successful implantation highlights our dedication to providing top-quality urological solutions and supporting gender reassignment and reconstructive surgeries. Our efforts in Argentina and across Latin America aim to enhance the quality of life for patients through innovative medical technology and expert care.

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