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Leading the Way in Gender Reassignment Surgery: A Collaborative Effort in Bogotá

ZSI's Team

At Zephyr Surgical Implants, we are committed to advancing the field of urology and gender reassignment surgery. This week, we were honored to support a landmark event in Bogotá, Colombia, where renowned French surgeon Dr. Nicolas Morel Journel from CHU de Lyon collaborated with local specialists, Dr. Silva and Dr. Patiño, for a phalloplasty surgery. This event highlights our ongoing commitment to improving the quality of life for trans patients through innovative surgical solutions and excellent collaboration.

Expertise in Gender Reassignment Surgery

Dr. Nicolas Morel Journel is internationally recognized for his expertise in reconstructive surgery for trans patients. His visit to Bogotá marks a significant step in the exchange of knowledge and techniques in the field of gender reassignment surgery. The collaborative effort with Dr. Silva and Dr. Patiño underscores the importance of global cooperation in advancing medical practices.

Successful Phalloplasty in Bogotá

The phalloplasty surgery performed this week was a testament to the skill and dedication of the entire medical team. Dr. Nicolas Morel Journel's guidance, combined with the expertise of Dr. Silva and Dr. Patiño, ensured a successful outcome for the patient. This surgery represents a significant achievement in the field of urological reconstruction and trans health.

Outstanding Organization by Medinistros

The success of this surgical event was also made possible by the excellent organization and support provided by our official distributors in Colombia, the Medinistros team. Daniel Posada and Sandra Caseres played crucial roles in ensuring the smooth execution of the procedure. Their meticulous planning and coordination were key to the successful implementation of our ZSI implants.

Commitment to Trans Health and Urological Reconstruction

Zephyr Surgical Implants is dedicated to providing high-quality medical devices for urological reconstruction and gender reassignment surgeries. Our ZSI implants are designed to offer reliable and effective solutions for patients undergoing these transformative procedures. We are proud to support surgeries that enhance the quality of life for trans individuals, providing them with the care and support they need.

Expanding Our Impact in Latin America

This successful event in Bogotá is part of our broader mission to improve trans health and urological care across Latin America. By partnering with top surgeons and medical teams, we aim to make advanced surgical solutions accessible to more patients in the region.


The collaborative effort in Bogotá exemplifies the impact of international cooperation in advancing medical science and patient care. We are grateful to Dr. Nicolas Morel Journel, Dr. Silva, Dr. Patiño, and the entire Medinistros team for their dedication and excellence. Together, we are making significant strides in the field of gender reassignment surgery and urological reconstruction.

For more updates on our work and collaborations, follow Zephyr Surgical Implants and stay tuned for more success stories from across LATAM.

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