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Global Impact: Successful ZSI100FTM Penile Prosthesis Implantations in Argentina

ZSI's Team

At Zephyr Surgical Implants, we take immense pride in knowing that our prostheses are being successfully implanted worldwide. It is particularly rewarding to see Dr. Javier Belinky from Buenos Aires, Argentina, consistently choosing our ZSI 100 FTM penile prosthesis for his transgender patients. This reflects our commitment to quality and innovation, and we congratulate the entire medical team on their achievements.

Acknowledging Dedication and Excellence

A special thanks goes to Marcelo F. Dawyd for his tireless efforts over the years in promoting our brand throughout Argentina. His dedication to advising and supporting doctors and patients alike has significantly contributed to improving the quality of life for many. Marcelo’s work ensures that our advanced urological solutions are accessible to those who need them most, facilitating better surgical outcomes and enhanced patient care.

About the ZSI 100 FTM Penile Prosthesis

The ZSI 100 FTM malleable penile prosthesis is specifically designed for transgender patients and can be implanted in just 45 minutes. Dr. Javier Belinky recently implanted another ZSI 100 FTM prosthesis at Sanatorio Güemes in Argentina, demonstrating its effectiveness and the trust placed in our products.

Commitment to Transgender Health and Urological Solutions

Zephyr Surgical Implants remains dedicated to advancing transgender health and providing top-quality urological solutions. Our efforts in Argentina and across Latin America aim to enhance the quality of life for transgender individuals by offering innovative medical devices and outstanding support.

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