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Exciting News in Reconstructive Surgery in Buenos Aires

ZSI's team

Dr. Javier Belinky has successfully performed another implantation of a hydraulic penile prosthesis from Zephyr Surgical Implants in a transgender patient. The surgery took place at Hospital Sanatorio Güemes in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Dedication and Innovation in Medical Care

This achievement reflects Dr. Javier Belinky's dedication and commitment to medical innovation and his unwavering support for his patients. The implementation of this advanced medical technology not only improves the quality of life for patients but also promotes inclusion and equality in healthcare.

Gratitude to Our Partners

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our team at Barraca Acher Argentina SRL. It is always a great pleasure to witness the implantation of our products worldwide. Bravo to everyone involved!

Commitment to Patient Care and Innovation

At Zephyr Surgical Implants, we are committed to advancing patient care through innovative medical solutions. Our hydraulic penile prosthesis is designed to enhance the lives of transgender patients, providing them with reliable and effective solutions. This successful surgery in Buenos Aires is a testament to our mission of promoting medical inclusion and improving patient outcomes across Latin America.

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